Game of Thrones Themed Cocktail #3: Weissen Walker

Another week brings another tenuous link between GoT and my alcohol consumption.

This week our inspiration was driven by food (like pretty much everything in my life). We were having veggie burgers on the barbecue (Quinoa and white bean, they’re delicious!) and felt like beer was the appropriate pairing. I don’t have much experience with beer cocktails other than just pouring a Corona into a margarita. When I was googling that to see if it was a thing (it is although it probably shouldn’t be) I found this which looks pretty tempting.  Anyway I didn’t think I had the copious beer cocktail experience needed to wing this one so I did some investigating.


The sidewalker sounds pretty great and uses a white beer so seemed like a dead cert as a White Walker. However sometimes you have a rough day think the words “apple brandy” in your shopping list say “bourbon” (also I’m pretty certain I can’t get that in Haiti). So the Sidewalker was not to be this week but it’s definitely in the bookmarks for later!


A quick search for beer cocktails with bourbon brings up the Weissen Sour which ticks all the boxes. I modified this slightly based on availability and lack of internet connection at the crucial point. This possibly also gives more justification for the name change. We used the Belgian style white beer Blue Moon (so perhaps it should be a blanc marcheur? No? My French is diabolical despite my locale). I didn’t buy a quality bourbon since we were mixing it and because of all the dollars.



Ingredients (serves 1):

1 ounce bourbon

Your preferred white beer (I used about 3/4 of a bottle)

Dash Angostura bitters

Juice of an orange (a sour or Seville orange would be great, I added the juice of half a lime to the juice of half an orange to ease the sweetness); 3 teaspoons per drink

Lemon and orange wedge to garnish


I mixed the bourbon, bitters and fruit juice over ice and just topped it off with the beer then added the garnish. It was really tasty and pretty dangerous! I’d definitely make this one again and I’m saving the original recipe too.


Next week we’ll be using spiced rum and trying to theme it with the title of the show, here, in case that counts as a spoiler…


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