Pumpkin Soup,With Tea…

A short post about tea…

I read Tea And Scandal, Canada’s post this week about cooking with tea and was inspired to try this out myself, with wonderful results.


Unfortunately I cannot share the exact recipe as most of my cooking is a make it up as you go along sort of affair, but I can give you the gist.


We have an enormous pumpkin (joumou) plant in our yard, producing only a few but utterly huge green pumpkins.  Haitian pumpkins are kind of like spaghetti squash in the way they come apart but are quite dry, so when I roasted one last night I was pretty alarmed at how dry it had gone and didn’t really know what to do with it.  There are some really nice recipes for Thai spiced pumpkin soup online but I didn’t really have the ingredients for any of them other than coconut milk.


And then I remembered the tea.  I bought lemongrass and ginger tea from T2 in Sydney earlier this year.  So I made my stock using a couple of tablespoons of the tea in boiling water which I let infuse for about 30-45 minutes.  To this I added some salt, black pepper, dried coriander, chilli powder and some more dried ginger.


I fried off an onion and then added the squash (scooped from the shell and roughly chopped) and then 4-5 cloves of garlic that I had also roasted with the squash and then my “stock” (after straining the ginger and lemongrass).  Finally I added about half a can of coconut milk and once everything was heated through I just blended it.  To finish I sprinkled in some chilli flakes and drizzled some more coconut milk.


I think a bit more kick from some fresh chillies would have really brought this to life, but it was delicious! I am looking forward to more cooking with tea and will attempt to write the recipe down next time.


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