Game of Thrones Themed Cocktail #5: The Iron Islander

Categorically no spoilers here, other than that this week’s drink should have just been a straight bottle of vodka (series 6, episode 5, The Door).


Moving on.


The drink this week did not really work out as intended but I am sharing it anyway as if you like sangria this might be one for you, and I have a few suggested modifications to bring out the flavours a little.

We had a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum and thus thought we could associate it somehow with House Greyjoy (yes, Kraken would have been better).  The Sailor Jerry website has a recipe for a cocktail called South Seas which looked easy enough.  I used half and half lemon and lime juice and then topped with club soda instead of lemon juice and lemon and lime soda.  I’m also going to go ahead and tell you to add more rum as the flavour was totally dwarfed by the wine and the citrus.  I’m also going to suggest a little less citrus as it was a tad sharp.  However it should also be noted that we used a Malbec because that’s what we had and perhaps a less full bodied wine would do the trick.



Ingredients (serves 3):

5 shots dark spiced rum

4 shots red wine

Juice of 1 lemon and 1 lime (and some extra lemon for the garnish

Club soda (add to your taste)


I basically just mixed all of this in a pitcher and served it over ice.


Pretty lighthearted drink for House Greyjoy but “Islander” fits with the tropical sangria side of things and “Iron” can be related to how much rum you’re willing to put in.


To be honest I think this might be really nice as a hot spiced drink with fresh ginger, cinnamon and cloves, perhaps with orange instead of lemon and lime; but time and sense did not permit this level of experimentation on a Sunday evening.  Someone someting to hold…


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