Game of Thrones Themed Cocktail #6: Blood of My Blood

Alas my creative muse/motivator has been out of town.  Last week I produced a sorry state of affairs themed around episode 6 “Blood of My Blood” and thus corrected it this week, meaning that there is but one drink for episodes 6 & 7.


It’s basically just a negroni with cherry.  Take one involved trying to make a negroni without any vermouth.


Learning outcome .#1: it is not a negroni if you don’t add vermouth, nor is it particularly nice and adding sparkling water certainly doesn’t help.


Learning outcome #2: Not everyone likes maraschino cherries, in fact I’m struggling to find anyone who does, other than me, I love the faux taste and ridiculous sweetness, they’re on the same guilty pleasure train as cheap canned black olives… Perhaps if you don’t like them you could use real fresh cherries as the garnish, I would still soak them though, everything is better soaked in rum.  I’d be keen to know how this works with morello cherries, I don’t think I can get them here.



Rum (for soaking the cherries, you could use any alcohol you like but rum or bourbon will probably give you the most flavour)

Maraschino cherries (or fresh, whatever you prefer/have)

One part gin

One part vermouth (classically this should be sweet but we used extra dry and it worked just fine)

1/2 part cherry liqueur

Generous dash Angostura bitters


I soaked the cherries in rum in the fridge overnight.

Mix and serve over ice with a couple of cherries to garnish.

Optional: eat the rest of the cherries.


I think the key is to be pretty generous with the bitters to cut through the sweetness of the liqueur.


Et voila, it’s not really the colour of blood as such but it’s red-ish.  No pictures this week unfortunately.  If you make this and manage to create something that is aesthetically pleasing I’d love to see your pictures!




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