Game of Thrones Themed Cocktail #7: Jamie Lannister’s Golden Hand (also known as The Hound)

We paired episode 8 with Indian food (for no particular reason) so chose an appropriate drink in the form of a spiked mango lassi. As usual the recipe was my starting point and I changed it because I was missing ingredients and because mistakes.


This serves around 5:




15 oz yoghurt (about half a big container)

Pulp and juice of 2 large mangoes (we used green mangoes)

3/4 cup milk (we used unsweetened soya milk)

4 oz rum

Pinch salt

Cardamom for the garnish (I used ground as i didn’t have seeds as the original recipe called for)


Combine the mango, yoghurt, milk, rum and salt in a blender and blend until smooth.  We blended in some ice to rapidly cool and thin it a little then served it over ice. I would avoid the latter as the ice cubes make this thick drink quite difficult to drink without the aid of a straw.  So perhaps blend in all your ice or, if you want to keep it really thick, make ahead and chill.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PASS THIS THROUGH A SIEVE.  I didn’t initially as the recipe didn’t call for it but we used a particularly hairy variety of mangoes; gross.  Second serving after straining was much better!

So this was supposed to be a Lannister themed drink due to the colour and the name was inspired by a drink called Jamie Lannister’s Severed Hand, which you can find here. However owing to our lack of straining disaster our first opinion of the drink was that it was “thick and hairy”. What’s associated with GoT that’s thick (not in the unintelligent sense) and hairy? Sandor Clegane of course! So this drink received the second name The Hound 😂



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