Game of Thrones Themed Cocktail #8: The Suffering Bastard

Slight delay, number 9 (the grand finale) will also be up this weekend.

Episode 9 was really a no brainer, as it was named The Battle of the Bastards  (almost no spoliers here) it had to be A Suffering Bastard.  The recipe I used was this one but I found it through this blog.

It seems there are quite a few variations on this drink out there including one suggesting ginger liqueur which sounds delicious.

Though some recipes include brandy or rum the general theme is gin, bourbon, ginger, lime and bitters; many of my favourite things in one glass.  It did however seem to me a bit like a fancy Moscow mule, not that I don’t love a Moscow mule, I just think that maybe the flavours of the gin and the bourbon are slightly lost here.  I think if I had the ginger liqueur to add I would cut the ginger ale by half .  Ginger beer would be better then ginger ale, though it’s harder to find here.




1 ounce Gin (we used Bombay Sapphire)

1 ounce Bourbon (we used Old Virginia, stay classy)

2-4 ounces Ginger ale (ginger beer if you can find it)

dash Angostura bitters

Limes (1/2-1 ounce juice per drink)


We just mixed enough for 3 or 4 in a pitcher and then served it over ice.  I garnished with a lime wedge and bourbon soaked maraschino cherries because I can’t get enough of them, but I’m sure you could do something nice with lime rind and/or fresh ginger (to give it a bit more bite…ho ho).



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